Glow in the Dark Glow Powders

Individual Jars 36g sizes

Blue Algae

Firefly Green

Firefly Green

glow in the dark mica powder

“Blue Algae" 

A beautifully sensitive living light. Mesmerizing and sparkling, it’s glowing blue color flashes when provoked (clear medium recommended)

 Product Code: SDM-GLB1968 

Glow Pigments, Glow Powders

Firefly Green

Firefly Green

Firefly Green

green glow in the dark pigment powder

“Firefly Green”  

In the twilight, welcome this special luminescent green. The mystical green glow is energetic and vivid (clear medium recommended)

 Product Code: SDM-GLG1969

Glow in the Dark Glow Powders, Glow Pigments