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Safe Use of Micas


     At Stardust Micas we label every jar with its ingredients and “Safe Use” recommendations - based on the FDA’s color additives chart. By providing this information, we feel it allows you to make informed decisions, for incorporating Stardust Micas into your products and creations. Learn more by following this link to the FDA’s chart “Color Additives That Are Exempt from Certification and Permitted for Use in Cosmetics” (21 CFR Part 73 Subpart C—Cosmetics)


Definition of

Safe Use:

Face: Any area on the outside of the body

Eyes: The area around the eyes

Lips: Safe near orifices and mucous membrane

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q. Which Stardust Mica colors can I use on my lips and in my Bath Bombs?

A. Most all Stardust Micas can be used in your Bath Products and on your Lips. With the exception of Blue and Green micas that contain the ingredients Ultramarine Blue and Chromium Oxide Green 

Q. Do all Blue and Green micas have the Ultramarine Blue and/or Chromium Oxide Green?

A. It would be difficult to make a generalized statement. But it’s safe to assume that all blue and green Mica would have either Ultramarine Blue and/or Chromium Oxide Green. Please refer to our jar labels in order to see what ingredients are in the SM color you are buying, then determine if it’s recommended for use in your intended purpose. Gathering this information will be important to follow when it comes time to for you to label your products for resale

Q. Is there a Blue mica that can be used in Bath Bombs? It's for painting a small design on it...

A. I am not aware of any Micas colored with Ultramarine Blue that have a Safe Use label for Lips (use in Bath Bombs) I’d recommend using batch certified FD&C dyes

Q. Which of your micas contain Ultramarine Blue and/or Chromium Oxide Green?

A. The micas which contain Ultramarine Blue will have that ingredient listed on the jar. Also, for more detailed information please see the SDS sheets available for download on our website, and the product description page on Amazon

Q. Why aren’t Ultramarines and/or Chromium Oxide Green, good for use in Bath Bombs

A. The ingredient Ultramarine Blue for the blues and Chromium Oxide Green, is not recommended for use on Lips by the FDA. It is also unknown why the FDA has stated that these colors are not recommended for use in the aforementioned applications

Q.  Are Ultramarines and Chromium Oxide Green OK to use in bath bombs 

A. These colorants are in a bit of a grey area, they aren't a safety issue, but neither recommended to use in products that you will have a label of “General” use, basically on your lips and mucous membranes. The FDA classifies these colorants as not recommended for use on Lips. We have not found any other reports or articles written as to why. It is also known that the EU cosmetics regulations (European Union) which covers similar recommendations for Europe and Canada does not restrict the use of these colorants in their countries, which causes some confusion for people who see Safe Use for Ultramarine Blue and Chromium Oxide Green from vendors who’ business originates in those countries covered by the EU laws