Our Mica Powder Product Line

CP Color Stable, Color True


See our Cold Process Soap Testing Page

Basic Recipe: 31% of ea. Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, 3.9% Castor Oil, 3.0% Cocoa Butter, 0.1% Tussah Silk & Sodium Lactate

Product Testing


 Stardust Micas have gone through a rigorous product testing program. Backing up our Color Stable and Color True claims

Batch Consistency


Our Mica Pigment Powder colors will be consistent, every time you order

Vegan Friendly


Cruelty Free

Cosmetic Grade


Product Labeling

Stardust Micas Ingredients

Ingredients and Safe Use listed on every Jar

Product Testing Program

"Stardust Micas Stamp of Approval"

   The Star and dowel shown here, is the “Stardust Micas Stamp of Approval”. Before we make color stable and color true claims for "Cold Process Soap" and offer a mica powder into our product line, it first needs to get past our expert product testers in order to receive this stamp.

   Our expert product testers work closely with us in this process, and in our supportive social media platforms. Our product testers come from all different creative backgrounds and are experts in various product categories. 

   Once the product testers have completed their testing and have submitted their results and findings, we will either accept or fail the mica product. When we accept a mica product into our product line, then the mica will get the "Stardust Micas Stamp of Approval".

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