Cosmetic Grade Mica Powder and Soap Making Mica Powders

  Stardust Mica Powder for Soap Making and Cosmetics. Please refer to these SDS sheets (safety data sheets), the label on each Stardust Micas jar, download the Safe Use chart for all Stardust Micas Colors (Master Sheet) or refer to the Amazon product description page to determine if it’s recommended Safe Use is for your intended purpose. Some of our mica powders like the neon colors are not mica powder cosmetic grade mica powder, they are labeled mica powder for soap making

Safe Use Charts for All Colors


See the files and detailed information below, on how our mica powder for cosmetics is labeled. Understanding the Safe Use: Label is also explained in detail. You can always email us with questions as well.

cosmetic grade mica or cosmetic grade mica powder pigment

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 Stardust Micas SDS Sheets Stardust Mica Powder for Soap Making and Cosmetic grade mica powder cosmetic grade 

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