Individual Jars 10g, 36g, and 72g sizes

Blue Lagoon

Metallic Blue Pigment Powder

"Blue Lagoon" 

It's diverse blue color is filtered by water, and the reflection from the light above. It's true color goes beyond a descending dive

Product Code: SDM-B1835

 Metallic Mica Pigment Powder 

Sunset Pink

Pink Mica Pigment Powder

"Sunset Pink"

 A brilliant and sparkling Mai Tai pink with a light purple hue. Refreshing with a splash of good island vibes

Product Code: SDM-P1831

 CP Color Stable Mica Pigment Powder 

Tail Green

Metallic Green Pigment Powder for Epoxy Resin

"Tail Green"

 A mythical and harmonious tropical ocean color. A vivid reflection of a mermaid's dreams about to come true 

Product Code: SDM-G1833

 CP Color Stable Mica Pigment Powder 

Stardust Pearl

Pearl Mica Powder

"Stardust Pearl"

The perfect Akoya Pearl. With its pure and perfect luster, this bright, yet perfectly subtle color, has soft grey undertones with a gorgeous sheen

Product Code: SDM-SV1728 

Mica Pigment Powder 

Gold Rush

Metallic gold pigment powder

"Gold Rush"

 A true gold that will out sparkle all the others. This gold holds beautiful properties only defined by royalty, brilliance, and luxury 

Product Code: SDM-GL1967

 Mica Pigment Powders

Queens Gold

Gold Glitter Powder

"Queens Gold"

 A golden reflection beaming with yellow undertones. This soft shimmering mica is subtle, yet bold. A radiant and young royal color  

Product Code: SDM-GL1837

 Metallic Pigment Powder Mica Pigment Powder

Bronze Age

Metallic Mica Powder

"Bronze Age"

A rich union of stone and iron. Weaving together a beautiful and molten combination that is rich with golden honey and light brown hues 

Product Code: SDM-BZ1841

Mica Pigment Powders

Copper Nugget

Metallic Pigment Powder

"Copper Nugget"

A weathered yet classic bright reddish-brown color. With subtle hints of orange, its color radiates a breathtaking warmth 

Product Code: SDM-CU1842

Mica Pigment Powders

Brown Sugar

Mettallic Pigment Powder

"Brown Sugar"

 A shimmering sweet crystallized brown. Raw and refined, this beautiful and sophisticated metallic mica will brighten and ground any project 

Product Code: SDM-BR1843

Mica Pigment Powders

Sterling Silver

Silver Mica Powder

"Sterling Silver" 

 An elegant silver, glistening with subtle touches of blue and grey. A beautiful, stable, and usable color that will become a timeless classic

Product Code: SDM-AG1844

Mica Pigment Powders

Black Carbon

Mica Pigment Powder

"Black Carbon"

A lustrous, diamond like black mica with glistening grey undertones. Like soot from a burning fire, leaving a dark lasting impression 

Product Code: SDM-BC1845

Mica Pigment Powders

Just Mica

Pure Mica Powder

"Just Mica"

Just Mica 

Product Code: SDM-JM1857

Just Mica Powder

Electric Yellow

Neon Mica Pigment Powder

"Electric Yellow"

 Energized, bold, and eccentric. This super bright neon yellow is multi-dimensional and well pronounced 

Product Code: SDM-NY1851

CP Color Stable Mica Pigment Powder

Green Lightning

Neon Green Mica Pigment Powder

"Green Lightning"

An electrical and vivid bolt of green color. This illuminating green pigment is bright, intense, and striking 

Product Code: SDM-NG1852

CP Color Stable Mica Pigment Powders

Orange Magma

Neon Orange Soap Stable pigment powder

 "Orange Magma"

A fiery and tantalizing shade of intense orange. Piercing, mesmerizing, and unforgettable

Product Code: SDM-NO1853

CP Color Stable Mica Pigment Powders

Poppin Pink

Cold Process Stable Neon Mica Powder

"Poppin Pink"

A poptastic, hot, bubble gum pink. This adds a perfect, bright, long lasting pink bubble of color, to your creative project 

Product Code: SDM-NP1854

CP Color Stable Mica Pigment Powders

Cosmic Blue

Blue Pigment Powder

"Cosmic Blue"

A cooler shade, with bright and unforgettable tones. This blue will blast you out of this world, to the perfect place 

Product Code: SDM-NB1855

CP Color Stable Mica Pigment Powders

Purple Orchid

Neon Purple Pigment Powder

"Purple Orchid"

 A respectful and dignified bright purple. With its striking properties, and beautiful color it makes a bold statement

Product Code: SDM-NP1856

CP Color Stable Mica Pigment Powders

Violet Petal

Purple Soap Stable Pigment Powder

  “Violet Petal”

 A shimmering vibrant purple. This color evokes a sense of wistful nostalgia. Refreshing and unforgettable  

Product Code: SDM-V1722   

CP Color Stable Mica Metallic Pigment Powder 

Pink Watermelon

Pink Pigment Powder Soap Making Bath Bomb Cosmetic Grade Pigments

“Pink Watermelon”

 Summer ripened. This sweet pink and magenta color is truly unique. It's fresh and crisp color resembles the perfect slice 

 Product Code: SDM-P1724  

 CP Color Stable Mica Pigment Powder 

Blood Orange

Orange Color Stable Mica Pigments

“Blood Orange”

A subtle organic orange. Fresh boardwalk summers. Warm nights with rainbow sorbet and hints of salty air   

Product Code: SDM-O1726  

 CP Color Stable Mica Pigment Powder  

Yellow Lemon

Soap Making Mica Colors

 “Yellow Lemon” 

 The most wanted beverage on a summer's day. A bright and colorful yellow. This fresh and crisp color is refreshing. Mint optional 

 Product Code: SDM-Y1721

 CP Color Stable Mica Pigment Powder 

Green Jade

Green Soap Making Stable Mica

"Green Jade”

 Be inspired by nature. An extraordinary organic green. Illuminating and soft, it will add love to any creative project 

 Product Code: SDM-G1723  

 CP Color Stable Mica Pigment Powder  

Ariel Blue

Metallic Blue Pigment Powder

"Ariel Blue"

A striking nautical blue, where the endless sky meets the calming sea. A shimmering glimpse into a magical oceanic world 

Product Code: SDM-B1836

CP Color Stable Mica Pigment Powder

Red Strawberry

Red Soap Stable Mica Color

“Red Strawberry” 

A perfect seasonal red with pink hues to reflect the sweet fragrance and flavor of freshly picked strawberries

 Product Code: SDM-R1725 

 Cold Process Stable Mica Powder

Blue Ice

Blue Pigment Powder for Epoxy Resin

“Blue Ice”  

A beautiful, bold, and piercing blue. It's bright color is fresh and cool, while reflecting a sense of warmth and tranquility 

 Product Code: SDM-B1713 

Mica Powder for Resin Metallic Pigment Powder

Yellow Zest

Yellow Soap Stable Mica Pigments

“Yellow Zest” 

 A vibrant and brilliant yellow mica, shimmering like a ripe and juicy sun-ripened lemon. Beautiful from the inside out 

Product Code: SDM-Y1711   

Cold Process Stable Mica Powder 

Orange Saffron

Orange Soap Stable Mica Colorants

"Orange Saffron" 

Looking upon summer sunsets, this gorgeous Orange mica pigment powder accents warm summer nights with its signature hue and glow 

 Product Code: SDM-O1714  

 CP Color Stable Mica Pigment Powder

Green Pine

Green Mica Powder

"Green Pine”

A rich, deep, and crisp forest green. Shimmering with brilliance, this nature inspired color is clean and resembles fresh pine 

Product Code: SDM-G1715 

CP Color Stable Mica Pigment Powder

Black Shimmer

Black Soap Stable Mica Colors

 "Black Shimmer"

  Deep and simply complicated. This beautiful dark black, shimmers brightly like distant stars in the night sky

 Product Code: SDM-B1716  

 CP Color Stable Mica Pigment Powder

Stormy Skies Blue

Metallic Blue Pigment Powder for Resin

“Stormy Skies Blue” 

 Overcast with stormy skies ahead. This serene blue is the perfect calm before a..... Still, quiet, and comforting

 Product Code: SDM-B1962 

Metallic Pigment Powder

Grassy Green

Green Pigment Powder for Epoxy Resin

“Grassy Green”  

Scanning across a stunning landscape, lies this shimmering beautiful green mica, symbolizing freshness while promoting a sense of renewal

 Product Code: SDM-G1964

CP Color Stable Mica Pigment Powder

Golden Guava

Natural Blush Mica Powder for Cosmetics

“Golden Guava"

 A deliciously ripe and tropical blush pink. Sprinkled with golden hues, this gorgeous color will add sweetness and the perfect touch of paradise to any project

Product Code: SDM-GG1965  

Cosmetic Mica Powder 

Deeper Purple

Purple Pigment Powder for Resin

"Deeper Purple" 

This sophisticated deep purple is mysterious and magical. With its rich darker hues, this color will inspire high ideals with sultry charm 

 Product Code: SDM-P1963 

Mica Pigment Powder   

Tropical Blue

Metallic Blue Pigment Powder for Resin

"Tropical Blue”

Representing a silky warm sea with hints of algae green. Inspirational with a beautiful disposition   

Product Code: SDM-B1961 

Soap Stable Mica Pigment Powder

Hot Pink

Fluorescent Pigment Powder for Slime

 "Hot Pink"

This pink represents a decade of bold style. It's bright and fun color with purple undertones will bring you back to leg warmers, spandex, big hair, and good music

 Product Code: SDM-HP1957

 Neon Pigment Powder

Color Sets

Base Set #1

Mica Pigment Powder for Soap Making

Base Set #1

Yellow Zest, Red Strawberry, Blue Ice, 

Orange Saffron, Green Pine, Black Shimmer 

 Color Stable Mica Pigment Powder 

Color Set #2 "Cornucopia"

Soap Making Mica Colors

Color Set #2 "Cornucopia"

Yellow Lemon, Violet Petal, Green Jade, 

Pink Watermelon, Red Strawberry, Blood Orange

 Color Stable Mica Pigment Powder 

Color Set #3 "Mermaid"

Color Stable Soap Making Mica

Color Set #3 "Mermaid"

Sunset Pink, Violet Petal, Tail Green, 

Pink Watermelon, Blue Lagoon, Ariel Blue

Metallic Pigment Powder Color Stable Mica Powder for Resin

Color Set #4 "Metallic"

Metallic Pigment Powder

Color Set #4 "Metallic"

Bronze Age, Copper Nugget, Brown Sugar, Sterling Silver, Black Carbon, Queens Gold

Mica Pigment Powder

Color Set #5 "Neon"

Neon Mica Powder

Color Set #5 "Neon"

Electric Yellow, Green Lightning, Orange Magma, Poppin Pink, Cosmic Blue, Purple Orchid

Color Stable Mica Pigment Powder 

Color Set #6


Spring 202

Limited Edition Color Sets

Summer Citrus

Bath Bomb Colorant

"Summer Citrus"

Blood Orange, Green Pine, Yellow Zest, 

Orange Saffron, Yellow Lemon

Limited Availability 






Limited Availability 





Pink Watermelon, Red Strawberry, Sunset Pink, Stardust Pearl, Sterling Silver, Queens Gold

Limited Availability 



Autumn Thanksgiving Color Set Pigment Powder Soap Making Bath Bomb Cosmetic Grade Pigments Colors


Yellow Zest, Red Strawberry, Orange Saffron, Yellow Lemon, Red Strawberry, Blood Orange

Limited Availability 


Happy Holidays #1

Mica Powder Happy Holidays Color Set #1 Pigment Powder Soap Making Cosmetic Grade Pigment Colors

"Happy Holidays #1"

Red Strawberry, Stardust Pearl, Green Pine, Green Jade, Red Strawberry, Queens Gold

Limited Availability 


Happy Holidays #2

Mica Powder Happy Holidays Color Set #2 Pigment Powder Soap Making Cosmetic Grade Pigment Colors

"Happy Holidays #2"

Blue Ice, Stardust Pearl, Sterling Silver, Queens Gold, Yellow Zest, Blue Ice 

Limited Availability


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